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I'm a recent medical graduate from St. Christopher's College of Medicine. This site is dedicated to those who take an interest in medicine, particular pathology. Feel free to E-mail me at pathosweb@hotmail.com or Sign My Guestbook.

I would like to thank my friend and mentor Dr. Ed Friedlander for his guidance, friendship, and this website.

Here are some of my Favorite Links

WebMD.com -- online medical help
New England Patriots
New York Mets
University of Connecticut -- I am an alumnus.
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Ed's Pathology Notes (not for the weak)
Bryan Lee MD
Claude Roofian
PathMax Shawn E. Cowper MD's pathology education links

Histology Image collections

U. of Illinois
">Urbana Histology
Visual Histology -- educational DVD.
Delaware Histology
Loyola Histology
Cells Alive!

Pathology Image collections

PathWeb an incredible site from U. of Connecticut
Loyola Dermatology
History of Medicine National Library of Medicine
Cancer Links USA

U of Iowa Dermatology Images
U Wash Cytogenetics Image Gallery
Urbana Atlas of Pathology another great site
Visible Human Project at NLM
WebPath: Internet Pathology Laboratory extremely board relevant

My Pathology Museum

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