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Sorry ladies -- I'm taken!

This is my wife, Stephanie.

Those who say, "It can't be done" are usually interrupted by others doing it.

Live life to its fullest. You're only here once.

I am an MD medical student. When I set this page up, I had just returned after taking time out to work as a pathologist's assistant. My primary job was pounding younger medical students into shape, so they can present mystery-patients and diagnose other students' cases without fear or whimpering.

I've now nearly completed my residency in anesthesia. This page stands as a memorial of a great time I had in Kansas City.

Bryan's Pathology Museum

I like working out. In Kansas City, I gymmed three-five times a week at the medical school gym. Ed, the pathology guy was my workout partner as well as my department chief at work.

Gyms, USA
Yahoo Weightlifting
Muscle Net

Other physician-weightlifters
Nick Evans
Mauro Di Plsquale

I am a member of Lambda Chi Alpha general social fraternity. My number is Sigma Rho 310. I was initiated as a college graduate on May 15, 1997. My big brother is Jake Wamsley.

If you had a Java-capable browser, you could play the Lambda Chi Alpha quiz here!

My tenth skydive. Ed's the groundhog with the camera.

With friends on the island.

Sulfur Springs.


Scott's Head.


Sunset on the island.

With Dino LaPorte 1995

Favorite Links
Ed Friedlander MD, pathologist
Dino LaPorte -- friend and now co-worker
Dino's Pathology Museum
Tom's Pathology Museum
Ed Lulo's Pathology Gallery
"The Pathology Blues"
Visible Human This includes the fellow who was executed by lethal injection.

The Best Pathology Sites for New Learners
Pittsburgh Cases

Caribbean Medical Schools
Ross University School of Medicine

If you had a Java-capable browser, you could play the Medical Vocabulary quiz here!

I like histology. Here are some resources for medical students:

Visual Histology -- educational DVD.

Loyola Medical School's Histology Images Looks best on Netscape 2.0 or better
Links found by Paul Turcotte:
Loyola (another entry)

I like physiology. Here are some resources for medical students:
I like skydiving

Skydiving with Jake

Fitness isn't just for men!
Female bodybuilders
Female Bodybuilders
Nicole Bass


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