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I'm faculty advisor for the UMKC chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha. I have maintained this page since 1994. The chapter now has a primary page at Please visit us here.

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Rush is year-round! Contact our Rush Chairman or just drop by.

Ed's Kappa Manual

Help yourself to the Fraternity Education package put together by Ed Friedlander, M.D., our faculty advisor and page-maintainer. In 1993, he served briefly as High Kappa for Sigma Rho Zeta. Perhaps other High Kappas can find something they can use, and other Choppers may find something entertaining as well.

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Help yourself to Ed's no-baloney, 1996 article, The Case Against Marijuana .

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Need Help with a College Paper?

E-mail Ed at . Reasonably good both in humanities and sciences. Write "In ZAX" as your subject line. If you're sending the draft of a paper, send it as an attachement in the form of an ASCII textfile, and include some evidence that you're a Lambda Chi. Turnaround time is usually 24 hours or less.

Lambda Chi links....

General Fraternity Going up....
Cornell Omicron Zeta has its own server!
Grand Valley State University Delta Theta Zeta
Shepherd College Phi Iota Zeta
Union University Zeta Zeta Chapter
University of Akron Gamma Alpha Zeta
University of Missouri -- Rolla Alpha Delta Zeta
University of North Dakota Epsilon Zeta Zeta
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Pi Zeta

Greek Source, now GreekChat. Nice setup. Check out the friendship site.

Associate's Song

Give my regards to Sig Pi, Remember me to S.A.E.,
Tell all the gang at Beta Theta Pi they won't be seeing me,
Tell them of how I'm yearning to wear the crescent oh! so high,
Give my regards to Delta Chi, 'cause I'm associating LAMBDA CHI!

Ritual on the Web

Our initiation ritual is secret. We do nothing that a real man cannot, or should not, do.

Here is a selection of other initiation rituals, good and bad, on the web.
"Strengthening the Bonds"
Secret Thoughts of a Ritual

Dr. Peyser's Lambda Chi Alpha historical perspectives

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