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Meet the Brothers

"Clickable Choppers"

Eric E. Baker "I am a third year medical student at UMKC. I am currently serving as the High Epsilon of Sigma Rho Zeta."

Joe Behrman

Andrew Boldrey "Bacon is good, Pork Chops is good...."

Dan Carver III "I was born and raised in St. Louis, Mo. and attended John Burroughs High School.

Jeff Coughenour "I am an active 21 year old brew pub explorer in the Kansas City area. I originated from Moberly, Mo., where I worked as an EMT making a "difference" in society. I currently take breaks from med school by working at the Children's Mercy Hospital Emergency Department, anything to get my feet into water or snow, the occasional hike, and of course.... Lambda Chi Alpha."

Shane Cross "Women dig me because I rarely wear any underwear, and when I do it's usually something unusual."

Jason Datta

Jared Dirks "Lambda Chi Alpha is a great organization with many benefits that has influence my life dramatically. I am a med student, basketball player, and a guy who loves to have a good time."

Jay M. Duncan "4th year medical student. Former High Slpha, Epsilon, Iota nad current High Phi. 1995-96 SAC member. 1996 Lambda Chi Alpha Dr. Glenn C. King Outstanding Student Leader Award."

Nate Elgert

Jeffrey L. Fitch "Jeff is a 2 year letter winner for UMKC track, winning the mid-continent conference 400 m hurdles in 1995 2nd runner-up for 1996. Jeff is also a 3rd year medical student and avid phish/dead/buffett fan. "Bullets are like waves, they only rearrange the sand. History turns upon the tides and not the deeds of men."

Matt Giles I like to eat fruit. I like chess. I'm a Lambda Chi.

Jeffrey Hackman "I am a year 2 medical student at the University of Missouri -- Kansas City and High Sigma in Sigma Rho Zeta."

Yoav Hahn "I am a pleasant human with no major problems or mental deficiencies."

John Hartweger

Travis Kenney"I am a sensitive, compassionate man who is currently into womanizing. I proved my roommate wrong by getting a date to our White Rose Formal. He was under the impression that women were fearful of my tiger-like cahracteristics, and the yellow shirt. Congratulations to my little brother Alex Schoofs. He got a date to formal, too. The first step across the bridge of Lambda Chi Alpha."

Hoa Le

Jason McLaughlin

Saad A. Naseer "Balance is what it's all about."

Ashley Orr "I am a first year medical student from Clarkton, MO (in the bootheel of Mo.) I really enjoy Labmda Chi Alpha & Kansas City. I have had wonderful opportunities with the different clubs I am involved in and through Lambda Chi Alpha.

Wylan Cornelius Peterson I am a second year medical student at UMKC School of Medicine. I like to play sports and listen to music.

Justin Ranes I enjoy Cubs baseball, the Dukes of Hazzard, and eating lots of cheese. Don't let the man keep you down.

Brandon Roark

Don P. Saxton "I play the meanest viola this side of the sugar creek. Women are my love. Basketball is my hobby. Golf is my life."

Alexander William Schoofs I I'm a year one medical student at UMKC, enjoying both my academics and my association with Lambda Chi.

Chirag_Shah "No guts, no glory."


Brian Tibbs "I'm a 3rd year Med Student"

Jake Wamsley Hi, my name is Jake Wamsley. My interests include Army ROTC, Young Republicans, and Lambda Chi Alpha. Take it easy -- Jake.

John Winn "I am a 5'3" mean little machine. I escaped Vietnam with my family before the fall of Saigon and ended up here as a UMKC med student. Thank you to you all, and the US armed forces."

Desmond Young I like women. I love women.

Alex Schoofs, Wylin Peterson, Ashley Orr, Andrew Boldrey, Dan Carver, Jason McLaughlin

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