A visitor to our department from another medical school recommended that we enhance the pathology curriculum with computer-based interactive cases. The medical students enrolled in the "Introduction to Pathology Education" elective took the challenge and created some fun adventures from Dr. Gustafson's cases.

These cases are mostly true. Anyone interested in pathology at any level can probably learn something from them.

Hard to Swallow -- Ed Friedlander MD
A Happy Grandmother -- Michelle Winston '15
The Jagged Parts -- Jeff Schlaack '15
Murmur of the Heart -- Gabe Randall '15
A Subtle Presentation -- Peter Marogil '15
A Family Secret -- Daniel Hans '15
Just Getting Old? -- Ryan Good '15
Lemons -- Vakassi Sanam '15
The Eye Altering -- Crystal Worsena '15
Open Sesame -- Nathan Valencia Still '15
A Sad Story -- Jen Sharp '15
Pomaika'i -- Heather Wilson '15
Rays -- Josh Hubbard '15
Breast Mass -- Roy O'Neil '15
A Dull Ache -- Georgia Leake '15
Sunshine -- Alex Palmer '15

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