Prayer Request

Doris Ann Whaley
Convicted of First-Degree Murder

Howard Shayne Paul
Charges Dropped

On August 28, 2006, my grown foster-son, Charles Edward Campbell, was stabbed 31 times. He had been hiding from his assailants under a truck. I have been told that it took him around ninety minutes to die, and that he was conscious most of the time.

Chuck and I both made mistakes. He was precious to me, and I thought fondly of him very often. He was a skilled mechanic, and a manager at the best deli in Johnson City, Tennessee.

I was devastated by the murder, and it seriously impacted my ability both to work and to relax. The truth is that I'm still not quite right.

Chuck knew Christ as Savior, and I have no concerns about the well-being of his soul. I also profess the Christian faith, and must obey my Lord's commandment and pray for those who have done me serious wrong. So after his murder, I made it a point to pray each morning for his accused killers, Doris Ann Whaley and Howard Shayne Paul, and asked others to join me.

On January 30, 2009, Ms. Whaley was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to 51 years in prison. Charges against Mr. Paul were dropped. I want to take this opportunity to thank prosecutor Dennis Brooks for his great thoughtfulness and kindness on the several occasions when we talked. I also want to thank the renowned blood-spatter expert Paulette Sutton, whose testimony was so helpful in bringing justice.

At this time, I ask you to pray, in whatever way seems right for you:

The onlinenews story is now down, but you can read it here.

Styles of prayer vary tremendously. I hope you will not think the less of me for providing this button, especially for those who are inexperienced with prayer.

Clicking this button will cause a pop-up window to appear with the message In my own way, I pray for the safety and rehabilitation of Doris Ann Whaley and Howard Shayne Paul. By clicking "Okay" and closing the window, your prayer is completed. Nothing will come back to me or my server about your having done so.

It's a small world. Twenty years ago, while Chuck was in my care, I was one of the three pathologists who founded the autopsy service where Chuck's body was examined.

Although I am a pathologist by profession, I have always hoped I would never become cynical or callous. And most of us don't.

If you knew Chuck, remember the good things and the good times.

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