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"Skeletal muscle cell" and "skeletal muscle fiber" are synonyms. The fibrils are the contractile units visible only on electron microscopy.

Skeletal muscle fibers are maintained by a delicate meshwork of collagen fibers and occaional fibroblasts. This stuff is called endomysium.

At the dinner table... the more endomysium, the tougher the meat.

Perimysium is the connective tissue that separates bundles of skeletal muscle fibers, i.e., it's what's on the outside of a sliver of steak that got caught between your molars.

Epimysium is the thin, smooth, translucent connective tissue layer on the outside of a muscle. You've seen this in the kitchen.

You already know how to spot the skeletal muscle nuclei. The cross-striations are easy to see. Don't worry for how about which band is which.

This is skeletal muscle.

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