Pocket Mutation Chess

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Pocketing a unit mutates it. If pocketed from the promotion rank, it promotes it at once. No castling.

Pocket Mutation Chess

Class 1:

Class 2:

Class 3:
NightriderMakes repeated knight moves in the same direction. Each destination square except the last, which may contain an enemy unit) must be empty
SuperBishopMoves as a bishop of wazir (one square orthogonally)

Class 4:
SuperRookMoves as a Rook or Ferz (one square diagonally)

Class 5:
ChancellorMoves as a Rook or Knight
CardinalRiderMoves as a Bishop or Nightrider
SuperCardinalMoves as a Bishop, Knight, or Wazir

Class 6:
ChancellorRiderMoves as a Rook or Nightrider
SuperChancellorMoves as a Rook, Knight, or Ferz
SuperCardinalRiderMoves as a Bishop, Nightrider, or Wazir

Class 7:
AmazonMoves as a Queen or Knight
SuperChancellorRiderMoves as a Rook, Nightrider, or Ferz

Class 8:
AmazonRiderMoves as a Queen or Nightrider
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