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This page is intended primarily to assist police officers during the earliest phases of homicide investigation.

The applet is based primarily on the formulas worked out by Germany's Dr. Henssge. (Thanks for your visit in 2012 and your kind words, Professor!) Pathologists use these in estimating the time since death.

I hope this is useful to you. I am a good general pathologist with an interest in forensics. My primary focus is pathology education, and I am also a hobby computer programmer. The applet works best if the screen is set to 100% size.

If you are a police officer, or a prosecutor, or a defense attorney, and I can do something more for you, please contact me. My assistant is Gwen Dodd at 816-283-2202.

Time of Death -- U. of Dundee
Dr. Henssge -- developed the formulas used by this program and created a fine program of his own
Henssge nomograms
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Body Farm -- focus on decomposition rather than on the earliest changes
Criminal Investigation
Korean Fiasco -- what happens when a medical examiner becomes overconfident
Spanish site
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Ed's pathology notes
Medical Algorithms: Forensics. They now require you to register.
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